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Exotiquarium: Album Art from the Space Age


Exotiquarium: Album Art from the Space Age Overview

Take a giddy guided tour through the greatest moments of 1950s and 1960s spage-age pop and exotica. From newly rediscovered musicians like Esquivel and Yma Sumac to lesser-knowns like Markko Polo Adventurers, this collection of bizarre and fascinating vintage musical ephemera with enthrall both the serious collector and the neo-Swinger weekend enthusiast. Exotiquarium supplies information about the artists (both musical and visual), the (mood) music they created, definitions of the odd instruments they used to create these strage and beautiful sounds (like the theremin), and much more. Complete with a foreward by Lenny Dee-Decca recording artist and "Organ Lounge Master"—Exotiquarium offers a vibrant portrait of this surreal time in American music history. A must-have for lounge lizards young and old.

Exotiquarium: Album Art from the Space Age Editorial Reviews

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Sure, the teenagers of the 1950s and early '60s were rockin' and rollin' to the likes of Elvis, Little Richard, and the Beatles, but what were the adults of the era enjoying while relaxing with an after-work cocktail? The easy listening and exotic sounds now often referred to as Space Age Pop. The lounge scene has revived interest in this music and its stars -- Juan Garcia Esquivel, Martin Denny, Lenny Dee, and others -- and in her new book, Exotiquarium, Jennifer McKnight-Trontz revisits those halcyon days of martinis, mambo, and Mantovani.

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Exotiquarium: Album Art from the Space Age

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